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The department of Public education Karnataka has Ordered not to open school-colleges till August 31

The Department of Public Education had earlier ordered the closure of all schools until July 31, as the Covid-19 virusoutbreak. Currently, the measure has now been postponed until the end of August.

The Karnataka Public Education Department has ordered the closure of all government, aided and unaided schools across the state till August 31, as the Union Home Affairs Ministry on July 29 again ordered all schools, education and training institutions to be closed till 31-08-2020.

This information has been communicated to all District Deputy Directors, Field Instructors, School Head Teachers / Board of Governors and has been instructed to take necessary actions.

And also Break the hiring of graduate college principals, professors

The Department of Public Education is contemplating opening Karnataka statewide schools in the midst of Corona from September 01. The department has been  informed its decision to the Ministry of Human Resources Development. However, the backdrop of the government’s decision to launch a back-to-back coronary epidemic across the state, including Bangalore, has come to the conclusion of the state government.

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