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CAT 2020: Tips To Crack Exam In Two Months

New Delhi: The Common Admission Test, or CAT, is just two months away and the registration process has now been completed. The last two months are very crucial for the preparation of the CAT exam and candidates must be focussed and strategic in their planning so that they could deliver on the actual day of the CAT 2020 entrance exam. With the change in the exam pattern of CAT, the students will have less time to answer the questions. However, IIM Indore has not specified if there would be a change in the total number of questions to be asked.
CAT Exam: Here Are Some Tips
1- Prepare A Time Table
One of the most important preparation tips for CAT 2020, with just two months left, incorporates redesigning time table in order to focus more on practising mock tests and analysing the results. If a candidate is planning to study for eight to ten hours a day, he/she must ensure that there are sufficient hours dedicated to the revision of the chapters studied.
2- Take Mock Tests
In the fag end of a prepration for the CAT exam, one needs to regularly take mock tests. It is advisable to complete at least a CAT mock test every day in a similar environment as that of CAT exam. This practice will enable a candidate to analyse their weak areas, focus more on preparing the same and perform well on the day of the CAT 2020 exam.
3- Revision
A complete revision of what the candidates have studied in each section is mandatory. One can start with one’s strong areas to wrap the revision faster for that particular section. It is to be ensured that the difficult topics are not skipped as this a competitive exam and risks should not be taken.

4- Stay Motivated
An important tip for CAT preparation is to remain motivated in the last phase of the preparation for CAT 2020 exam. There might be situations when a candidate does not score well in the CAT mock test. However, this does not mean that he/she had not prepared well. Most of the time the mock tests are designed in such a way as the candidate could answer all types of questions

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